Quick Update

So just a quick update on some things that have happened here the last week. We went through our library and did a little inventory to see what things we had extra of and what things we needed more. Lets just say we have enough crayons to last us quite a while. It was nice to know where things are now as well, so when we do crafts and kids want to buy some of these things with their “library money” they can. Here is a photo of the process

Also, at our library, one of the Hondurans here and I have started a typing class. I like to type and when I was young I had no idea how to type, but after I had a typing class I could type so fast. I really think typing is important for these kids if they want to find jobs when they get older. So we started the typing class and I have really enjoyed it so far. The hardest part is getting the kids to not look down where they are typing and trust where their fingers are. When I cover their hands with a piece of paper they do great, but if I don’t do it they always want to look down. Hopefully, with time they will get more comfortable with this. Here is a picture of that.

Also, we are getting the new kids tomorrow. It will be 4 boys and 1 girl and I am super excited for this. I will obviously be posting about this very soon. And just a few cool photos to show. One is me in the hammock with one of our new puppies that our dog just had and the other is how we get rid of our garbage. The flame gets pretty high sometimes.


So Good To Be Back

The trip back to the States was great. Had a great time in Arizona, and got to see the Grand Canyon, go to some spring training baseball games, and see my sister get married. Richmond was also a blast as I got to see many friends and get to attend church in English for a change. I also got to watch the NCAA tourney while I was home which was definitely a lot of fun. I had a great time at home and felt like I wanted a little more time at home, but once I got back to Honduras I was so happy to be here. I came back to screams and hugs from all the children. To see how much they missed me really meant a lot. One huge thing that has recently happened is we got internet here in the valley. Let me just say how much this helps. Now I can download podcasts from different preachers, keep in touch with family and friends more, and yes check my sports news more frequently. Honestly being able to skype with family and friends has been great and if you have skype add me, braydencd. It is so nice to not have to take a 2 plus hour bus ride down to use internet for a few hours and ride back up another 2 plus. So I am thrilled about this. Also, the church in our valley has asked me to preach every other Saturday, which I am thrilled about. And just last night I got to talk at the church service we have and it went so well. I am really thankful to get to share to these people about Jesus and what he has done in my life. Before I went home, I had asked people to help me with Bibles in Spanish and also cleats and other soccer equipment. Wow did you all help. You all helped give me cleats, soccer socks, backpacks, devotionals, Bibles, and sports testimonials. Let me just tell you how much everyone here appreciated it. Our team recently had a soccer tournament, which I am proud to say Urraco won, but the guys would come up to me with a big smile saying how much they were thankful for the cleats and that they were using them that day. So just thank you all so much for your help. Spanish Bibles are definitely still in need as there are a ton more people that would like one.

Jason and I talking at our Friday night church service

Just recently we headed down to the beach with pretty much everyone that lives here. During Holy Week people take the week off of work and head down for some fun. We got to take our kids here, David and his brother, our house parents, and the new family who now lives here, as they have accepted the opportunity to be our new house parents for the new kids coming soon. It was so much fun. By far the warmest beach water ever and just great weather. Everyone who went had such a great time and on the ride back up we all enjoyed some frosty’s to cool down with. Also, on the ride up we noticed how all the Gringos were very red and we had a nice laugh about that.

Beautiful view of the beach

The kids playing in the water

Haha Lilian and Fernando having a dance contest before the trip back up

As far as the new house parents…They are just a great family. I actually knew them because during football season I found out this family had a TV and they allowed me to come to their house to watch. They have 3 daughters who ages are 14, 12, and 10. Those girls are such a blessing. They have raised them so well, which is something that led to the idea of their parents being the new house parents for our kids. Those girls are so well behaved, love and learn more about God, and are such a help with the kids we have now. I am so thankful that this family has accepted the opportunity and now living on the property with us.

We should be getting new kids soon, which I am super excited for. I will definitely write more when they arrive.

Now that we have internet I can actually write about things when they happen, and if you want to know more please check out the facebook group GiveHope2Kids, as pictures and updates are on there very frequently.

Thanks for reading and until next time…which thankfully will be more often now.

I just had to add this one picture. Glad to see the Steelers Nation has made it down to Honduras

Heading Home For A Visit

I can’t believe I am reaching 5 months here. Some days I feel like I have been here years and others I feel like I just got here. God is really doing amazing things here. The church service on Fridays have been amazing and people (saved and not saved) have been coming. We worship, have a message, and play games and its a great time. Recently I got to share my testimony and the young adults/soccer team were there and got to hear it. I pray that God will change their hearts and that they want to live for him. Some of them I am closer with than others and 2 of my close friends recently talked to me about things. One said he wants to start coming to church more which is just awesome and the other one said he wants a Bible. It is really sad as a lot of people don’t have Bibles here and if they do they have 1 to share for like 10 people. I am asking if anyone out there wants to help with this to please contact me cdelans@radford.edu or 804-389-5885 or facebook. I will be going to Arizona from March 3-10th for my Sisters Wedding. Congrats Ash, and after that I will be going back to Richmond, VA for a week. I really want to come back with a suitcase full of bibles for all the kids, young adults, and adults who want and need a Bible. I am very bad at asking for things, but for this I think it is too important not to ask.

I really am excited about coming home. It will be nice to see my family, friends, eat some greasy States food, watch some sports, go to church, and a hot shower. I can’t wait to see all of yall again as I do miss everyone a lot. Also, soccer is going great. I’ve grown so much closer with the guys and we are having a good season so far. I played goalie for my first game and since then have played defense. Our team is 2-1-1 and unfortunately I will have to miss the next 3 games. We have uniforms, but we have to pay for them and it is tough on these guys as they make very little money and they also share cleats because some of them can’t afford them. I really want to come back with uniforms and cleats for these guys as they have been so nice to me and accepted me. I see these guys as my brothers and I want to help my brothers out.

We recently got back from our trip to Guatemala to renew our visas. It was a great trip as the other volunteers here came as well and we got to spend some good time together and have a fun time shopping and seeing some great views. We got to celebrate Kelvins birthday and watch the Super Bowl which was awesome and celebrate mine as well. Our trip started from Ceiba at I think 6 or 7 am and took a 4 hour bus ride to San Pedro Sula. From there we took another bus to Copan Ruinas, Honduras which took another 4 hours. We spent the night there and the next morning went on an 8 hour van ride to Antigua, Guatemala. It is a really cool place and we got to shop at the huge market and eat some good food and just spend valuable time together. After our 3 days there we made the trip back.  It was really nice to get back to the mountain as my relationship with these people are so close now and I missed not being there with them all.

Another church that I attend in Urraco asked me to speak up there and it has been really nice to get an opportunity to do that. I also want to have like 6 of the younger guys about 15 years old to hang out more and just talk more in depth about the Bible and Jesus. These guys have a heart for Jesus and there are temptations all around them and I just want to be able to spend more time with them and just share more about Jesus with them and it will also be great for me as well to learn.

It was so Muddy and they don’t cancel the games for anything





I can’t wait to come back home, but I will be very sad to leave everything for 2 weeks as well. Thanks everyone for your prayers and please let me know if there is anything you can do to help with the Spanish Bibles or Uniforms/Cleats. My phone will be  working on March 3rd so please feel free to call anytime.

God Bless.


I never knew 4 months could go this fast. When I first got here Sarah Furrow had a great idea to write goals down as far as what we wanted to accomplish. It was great and I love looking back on that. A few were to read my bible daily, stay in prayer constantly, make the Urraco soccer team, and many others. Well, I see some of those goals getting accomplished and its a such a blessing. I love my 1 year bible and I know my mom might be mad/happy at this, but I am in the middle of February already. I just want to continue reading as a lot of this is still new to me. I need to continue in prayer more, but it has improved a lot. And recently I got invited to play for the Urraco soccer team, and if you have read my previous posts I stated how I felt strongly to witness to these guys. I also got to share my testimony at the church service we have on Fridays. Normally the older guys stay outside the property to talk and I am sure they listen as well, but when they saw me come up they came up to the fence and really payed attention. I pray they listened and that God changed their heart that night. I hope to have a chance to talk to them about it soon. As far as the team, I play goalie and defense and we had 2 scrimmages and I have played very well so far. My footwork continues to improve and I hope to just play defense later in the year, but I’m so thankful that I made the team to get closer relationships with these guys. We had some kids come up who lived in La Ceiba to visit the property which is a couple hours away. I had a great time with them as we got to enjoy playing soccer, basketball, go swimming, and eat lichas together.

And recently we got 5 kids and they are amazing. Carolina, 9,  is the oldest of 3 siblings. Her brothers Javier 7 and Fernando 4 are here along with Carlitos 4 and Liliana 4. They are amazing kids.

These kids just want to be around you and have you show them love. They are just great kids and I love them so much. They love to go swimming, play tag, go to the playground and just be kids. They have given me a great reason as to why I am here. To just spend time with them and show them the love they need and give them a good environment to grow up and learn about Jesus is great. They are staying in the house with Syndia and Will and their 2 kids Jose and Dana. They are essentially my Honduras parents. They have looked out for me since day 1 and I look at them as family.

My days have changed some. I still love working with the guys and do continue to do that, but now I spend some of my days being around the kids as well. I also have developed great relationships with the kids in the community and those that come to the library time. We have nicknames for each other, have special handshakes, and love to play games on my Iphone. My time here has been amazing and am so thankful how God has helped me here.
As far as my Spanish goes it is much better. I know a lot more words, but with some people they just talk too fast and it is hard to understand them. I continue to try and study everyday for at least an hour a day and continue to practice even though a lot of times it comes out wrong.

Something fun I have been doing other than playing soccer is learning to ride Will’s motorcycle. I always wanted to learn, but never thought I actually would. Well now I’m learning and I never thought it would be with someone speaking Spanish and on a dirt/bumpy road. It’s been a lot of fun and I love riding it down the roads. Here’s a picture of the bike and my terrible long hair that needs to be cut “pronto”. You will also notice the bike is a beautiful black and yellow (Steelers, Pirates Penguins)

Tomorrow I am heading to Guatemala to renew my Visa and will return on Friday. I hope to have internet in the hotels so please if anyone wants to ask more or just talk you can email me cdelans@radford.edu if you would like to. Also, I am going to start coming into  town about once a week, so I can keep in contact with everyone more and also update this more. I think it is very important to have this done and be willing to take the time to do it. Thank you all so much for keeping this ministry, theses kids, and myself in your prayers and you all are in mine as well. God Bless


What at amazing time it has been here. The cold showers are actually not that bad anymore and I continue to study Spanish at least an hour a day. One of the sisters Ruby just graduated high school along with my friend Ronald. I am so proud of them and they are both attending college which is such a big accomplishment.

Ruby and Ronald

Here is a picture of me and Ruby’s two sisters Areli and Jenni

Also Jenni graduated from her elementary school and will be attending the high school with Areli in February. Also, we butchered one of our cows which took quite a long time. We got up at 3:45 A.M. and didn’t finish until 3 or 4 P.M.  No I didn’t try any weird stuff this time, but we did have another sheep butchering and add those testicles along with the rooster as long as the heart and kidney. The heart for roosters and sheep are really good and the testicles weren’t really that bad. Nice photo that I know you all will love

The Friday night services have been fantastic. The first night over 100 people came and 5 people gave their hearts to Jesus. One was a kid I hang around with at the library a lot and another was an older guy who I am friends with. I was so happy and filled with joy when this happened. It was such an awesome night.

The soccer season is over and the next season starts in January or February. I am very excited and hope to make the team as either a goalie or on defense. I still feel led to minister to these guys, but I need to get better in Spanish before I do that, so please continual prayer in that area would be much appreciated. This past week we have been “Chapiando” which is basically cutting the grass Honduran Style. It took the whole week to finish all the chopping it was hard, but a real good time with the guys. During the chopping we saw many scorpions, poisonous snakes, and tarantulas. I’m getting over my fear of spiders. The smaller spiders at least, but the bigger spiders I am still not a fan.

As some of you all know I am an extremely picky eater. I hated beans, didn’t eat many vegetables, and enjoyed fast food. Now I love beans (not really an option), eat many vegetables, and love getting the fresh fruit (Starfruit, oranges, rambutan, and many more). Here is a picture of the rambutan or lichas as they call it here. I will let you guess how to eat it.

Also, after library time for the kids we have started classes for them as well. There are now computer, guitar, and piano classes and the kids really enjoy it. I am having a great time with these kids and one of the respected guys in the village said the kids really looked up to me, which really encouraged me a lot and I truly thank God for that as I want to show the kids as much love as possible.

Also, this family who has been super nice to me ever since I have been here invited me over to watch some American Football as they get this on Sundays. It’s Fox, so no Steelers, but it’s football and I couldn’t be happier. They are such a nice family and am so thankful to know them. Here is a picture of them.

Things are going so well here and I am really enjoying myself a lot. I miss everyone back home a lot and am praying for you all always. The beginning of January I will be taking the bus to Guatemala for a few days and will get to put up a lot more pictures and videos.

God Bless


So I had the idea to write what I have in my journal and add some other things about my experiences, however I forgot my journal in the mountain. So, this will be based on memory and I am sure I will forget a lot of things that have happened. The weather here is really nice. It can get pretty hot and normally rains everyday at some point. Almost every night it will rain. My normal routine right now is work M-F 7-4 and Sat 7-11. However, on MWF I end work at 3 and go to the library to help out with learning activities and projects from 3-4 and then either a soccer game or some other physical activity from 4-5. On Tuesday and Thursday I work the full day and then go to church from 6:30-8:45. Saturday I work from 7-11 and then the rest of the day is pretty much free. I go to La Ceiba sometimes to get some chicken or just go to the city to hang out. Also, on Saturdays and Sundays you can go swimming in the river which is fun, but cold. The shower is probably the hardest part here other than not knowing the language. Nothing is worse than coming back from working in the rain all cold and getting to jump in a cold shower. The Spanish is getting better, however I still don’t know enough words. I have a Spanish tutor on MWF after the library time from 5-6. Please pray for the language to get better. With the guys my age they love their soccer and I play with them a lot. They said I should get better and I might join their team pretty soon if I get good enough. Only about 2 of them go to church and I really feel led to witness to them and just build a strong relationship with all of them. Sundays are normally the soccer game days. Urraco plays in the league in the river valley and we are very good. It is awesome to go to games as they are very intense. Fights happen basically every game either with other players or refs. A ton of people go to the games and the atmosphere is a lot of fun. As far as work goes it can be really difficult, but enjoyable. You really work in the mountains/jungle. For instance you go a mile from the fence you will build to go in the jungle and cut trees down with your machete and carry them back on your back in the mud. It is really nice to see things get accomplished though. I have also taken part in the butchering of a goat and some roosters. It was a crazy experience and next week we are butchering a cow. I have to say I didn’t feel sorry at all about killing those roosters as it is much quieter here. I did eat very strange parts off the rooster though and have eaten other crazy things. I tried rooster heart (which was good), liver, gizzards, and yes testicles. And yes the testicles are as gross as you would imagine. The Hondurans said they were delicious which is a lie. I also ate a live scorpion which was quite disgusting, but I also saw it on survival shows and I just had to do it. It is awesome to have all the fresh fruit right around you. Mangosteens, Oranges, Rambutan (Lichas here and they are my favorite and look it up on google if you don’t know what it is), and Grapefruit. All the people here are super nice as far as on the property and throughout the village. At church I got to speak twice with one of the Hondurans translating for me. It was great and just recently the church had a lock-in. It was so much fun as we played games, listen to some people speak, worshiped, and ate some good food. The kids and young adults loved it and about 3 of the guys from the soccer team have started to come to church since then which is great. We are starting a youth service on Friday nights which I am super excited for. The church in Urraco is very traditional with mostly hymns and the youth and young adults and some adults really want to change the style of worship so this should be great. Please pray for this. I am also working on starting a bible study one night a week. It is basically what my young adults group is like back home. Pastor Erik taught me a lot and I want to share this with the people here as well. I also visited the sisters mother last week. She lives in a mud house which is essentially one room. A bed, stove, and tv and that is basically it. People here would rather have their tv than a refrigerator or something else of need. I also can drink the creek water here without getting sick which is very nice as I can’t carry my water bottle with my during work. I miss you all back home so much and pray for everyone constantly. I am so excited for these next few months with the youth service, bible study, and just the opportunity to witness to these people. Tomorrow morning I am going back up to the mountain so I don’t know when I will have internet again, but it has been nice to read emails, get on facebook, and see that my Steelers have improved and the Penguins are doing work without Sidney Crosby. I know I am forgetting so much and next time I come down I will bring my journal so everyone can see more specifically about what is going on. Just know I miss you all so much and that God is doing great things here and check my facebook for a few photos and library that I just put up yesterday. If I didn’t get back to you yet with emails or on your facebook I will as soon I as can. Until next time….

God Bless

In the airport

I’m Sitting in the airport waiting to board the plane. What a great morning. It was sad to say bye to my parents. They have been so helpful and I’m so thankful for them. I’m going to miss my young adults group and just everyone. It’s sad to think I won’t see anyone in a long time, but I am so excited to see the kids and just hug them again. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me and all you all have done. I hope to update often and will try and post pictures on Facebook. I love you all and am so thankful for you all. God bless